Sesame PART 1

Bill Shovelface, a 19-year-old boy from Sesame Island was three months away from finishing his training in the “All There Is To Know About Sesame Seeds” 12-year course and he was facing the biggest decision of his life. All this time he thought he knew what he wanted to do with his life, just like his dear father always told him: “Son, when I was a kid my dad used to tell me that a boy becomes a MAN when he starts working at the Company and helps with the harvest of the sesame seeds. This is the most respectable job on our isle and there’s big competition for it. Our family has been doing this for decades, generation after generation, and I don’t want you to shame us by failing. What you have to do is study hard and do what I tell you!”.

So there he was, confused, facing what could be a big turning point in his life. A couple of weeks back he came across something that really made him think about his life, past, present and future. For nineteen years Bill dreamed about harvesting sesame, being the best at it. He reached such a high level of knowledge about this plant that he could somehow understand it, “feel” it.

Oftentimes his parents would find him in his room all alone, talking to the sesame plants he held in some little pots. At first they thought he was just playing tricks on them, but as the time passed, they came to see it for what it really was, which is that their son was basically becoming a sesameman. They couldn’t believe it. Everybody thought the sesamemen were long gone, that they became fairy tales.

The old stories say that once there was a great master, Ali, who had forty disciples. Also known as the “first men”, they were recognized for practicing yellow magic and having an uncommon interest in seagulls and pigeons.

One day, after a long and intense meditation, while sitting on a big rock near the shore, a place where you could hear the waves smashing on the cliffs and feel the soft breeze of the ocean which brought a slight taste of salt, old Ali, or as he was commonly known, Ali Baba, finally opened his eyes. His gaze met the one of a seagull and the poor little bird didn’t stand a change against the master. The creature immediately exploded and burst like a firework, spreading colorful specks all over the place.

This was the moment when Ali had his greatest epiphany so far. He said: “OPEN SESAME!”. And there was sesame.




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