Sesame PART 2

There was a lot of sesame. The disciples were thrilled by this groundbreaking achievement. They all started to sing joyfully and soon people began to take notice of it. In a couple of weeks, millions of people from all around the world came here to see the greatness and many of them settled on the island. This is pretty much how the sesame community was formed.

Old Ali used too much of his energy on the intense meditation and the BIG CREATION deprived him of all his vitality. There was some of it left, but he used it on the seagull. The master’s old habit of exploding seagulls in mid-air made him drop dead and fall off the rock he was standing on. He hit the ground so hard that he penetrated it, which was great because now the disciples wouldn’t have to waste time burying him, and instead they could take care of more important matters:

“-Did he death?”, said one of them.
“-Is he died?”, said another.
“-YES!”, said all of them at the same time.

Finally, the “Master” position was open and each of the disciples tried to occupy it, but they couldn’t reach an agreement so they unsheathed their swords and the fight begun. It lased thirty days and thirty nights and at the end none of them was standing. They all perished and took most of the sesame knowledge with them. Now the island was owned by a group of people with certain interests and many would argue that they are acting only for their own benefit.

But let’s not get too far from our story. We were talking about Bill’s new passion in life and…oh, did I tell you about the “Brotherhood of the Seagulls”? You HAVE to hear that. This is how it goes:

Long before the dawn of man, the world was ruled by the fiercest creatures in the Universe, the SEAGULLS. They weren’t strong nor fast and they couldn’t shoot lasers, but the seagulls were really intelligent and organized. They had an advanced communication system that used blinking to transmit messages as far as 15 miles. Seagulls have excellent hearing and it allows them to count how many times one of them blinks.

One of their greatest achievements in which they proved their superiority was in the war with the dinosaurs. The big reptiles had power, but the seagulls outnumbered them and they also had the brains. One day, their great leader, Glug, summoned all the seagulls in the world, which until them fought separately, and started the attack which, once and for all, put an end to the tyranny of the dinosaurs, led by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

You could hear in the distance the daunting sound of the approaching 41 million angry seagulls. It was like the desolating sight of the apocalypse, which makes your bones shiver and your mind freeze. Heroism was long gone and was replaced by the dread of death which lied close. One could do nothing more than accept its fate. There was no place to run and no place to hide. You can’t escape the seagulls’ fury.

They covered the whole sky and turned day into night, amplifying the terror. There was no battle, it was pure domination. At the mark of Glug, their leader, they forced the air out of their lungs and made the loudest and most horrifying sound that was ever done, so boisterous that the dinosaurs’ brains melted on the spot. It was over before they knew it was on.

After the dust settled, there was only an enormous hole left in the ground, 100 miles in diameter and 12 miles deep, similar to one that would be made by a big meteorite.

This is how the seagulls obtained their supremacy and installed themselves at the top of the food chain, ruling the Earth for a long time, until the first men came into existence and started a revolution.



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